I'm Yotam.
Twenty-four years old.
Professional video editor, colourist, motion designer & animator, 3D & CGI artist.
Based in London, UK.
I Speak English, German, Hungarian, Hebrew.
I discovered my interest in video making when I was fairly young, being the son of a ground-breaking producer, I grew up entangled in cable jungles of editing machines from the 90s and loads of black stained coffee cups.
At 12, I started attending a filmmaking course for kids carried out by the local cinema theatre, where I first learnt how to hold a camera and place videos after each other on the timeline.
At 15, my high school gave me the opportunity to be attending cinematography, editing, and writing classes at the university as a listener-student, which I diligently kept on doing for 3 years.
Not long after, I started gaining professional experience by making short films and motion graphics for individuals, which in turn, became the freelancing career I pursued.
At 18 I began doubling, filling the in-house editor, colourist, and motion graphic designer position at a post-production firm and an advertisement agency.

I'm experienced with offline and online editing, motion graphic animation, soundtrack editing, visual video compositing, and colour grading.
My instruments are the Adobe programmes for video, audio, and image manipulating, and video and CGI programmes by Black Magic Design; DaVinci Resolve and Fusion.
In 2020, I have established a duo design consultancy with my partner named ego creative, as we have been busy fulfilling the dreams of all sorts of different clients from all fields, I have stopped freelancing regularly as a video maker, however, if you  liked my skills and have got an exciting vision you would like to bring about,
hit me up & let's talk.
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